Canadian Rockies

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Why the
Canadian Rockies
are special

The Canadian Rockies are one of the world's most gratifying mountain vacation destinations.

Canadian Rocky Mountains
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Sightseeing appeal

Visitors relish majestic snow-capped peaks, plummeting waterfalls, gushing brooks, emerald lakes, luxuriant meadows, and fresh pine-scented mountain air. And, there is a wealth of wildlife including bears, elk and eagles. The Canadian national and provincial parks in the area have helped conserve this precious environment.

Recreational appeal

Visitors to this pristine area of Canada also enjoy a host of recreational activities including hiking, boating, fishing and skiing.


The Canadian Rockies extend upward from lower Alberta to upper British Columbia province (see map below).

The range also physically extends southward, into Glacier National Park in the USA.

Canadian vs. USA peaks

Generally, the peaks of the Canadian Rockies are more rugged than their USA Rocky Mountain counterparts.

Location in Canada

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