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The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is one of the highest and most striking free-standing towers in the world. It rises an astounding 553 meters (1815 feet) above the ground. On a clear day you can see about 100 kilometers (60 miles) away.

CN Tower
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The 447-meter (1465-foot) high Skypod is the CN Tower's observatory.

The other

There is also a large ring-shaped protrusion (see photo) at about 340 meters or 1100 feet up.  It sports an indoor observatory, an outdoor viewing platform, an upscale revolving restaurant, and a casual cafe.

The indoor observatory features a glass floor. Walk on it and you see nothing but empty space between you and the ground some 90 floors below. Not for acrophobics.


Walk hands-free around a rail-less ridge that encircles the Skypod's open roof. You're tethered for safety's sake, but the ticket cost and scare factor are sky high.

Going up

An elevator with a glass wall whisks you up the side of the CN Tower to the ring-shaped level. From there, an indoor elevator transports you to the Skypod.


There is a 1,776-step interior stairway, but it's closed to the public except for special walk-up fund raisers for nonprofit organizations.

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