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Louisbourg Fortress
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The Louisbourg historic site has an impressively recreated 18th-century French fortress (see photo) and old town.

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French colony days

During that period, Louisbourg was a cod fishing, salting and preserving center - and a major seaport for trade with Europe, New England and the Caribbean.


The recreated Louisbourg takes you back to 1744, a year before the British captured it from the French. That battle eventually helped the British gain control from the French of what is today eastern Canada.


It began in 1961 and took over a decade to reach a substantive completion stage. Archaeological work continues today. The reconstruction deserves praise for its attention to authenticity. The architects and interior designers relied heavily on archaeological artifacts and historical documents.

A complex
of buildings

Louisbourg old town has dozens of buildings of various purposes, including homes, stores and workshops. They are open from spring to fall.

Location in Canada

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