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Old Quebec City
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Old Quebec City's narrow cobble-stoned streets lined with shops and restaurants give it character. So does its long history.

Old Quebec
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Two sections

Old Quebec City has two aptly named sections:

Upper Town

Lower Town

A steep bluff separates the two. They are connected by inclined streets and steps that have been known to tax the energy of some tourists. Fortunately, there is a funicular.

Upper Town

Most tourism attractions are in the Upper Town. This includes the famous castle-inspired Chateau Frontenac hotel (see photo), the icon of Quebec. It dates back to the late 19th century and commands the skyline.

Other Upper Town allures include the star-shaped Citadel and the winding streets flanked by old buildings bursting with interesting small retail and atmospheric dining establishments, some with outdoor tables.

Lower Town

It has trendier stores, restaurants and boutique hotels, but maintains a more traditional Quebec facade.

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