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the Bund
is special

It's the world's most famous riverside street. The shore is lined with early 20th Century buildings of European design that were once the headquarters of major traders and financial institutions from the Western world. And, you get a splendid view of the Pudong modern skyscrapers across the river.

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How to pronounce

Bund: buhnd

My favorite time
of day on the Bund

It's during the early evening (see photo). Not only are the Bund and Pudong buildings strategically illuminated, the riverside pedestrian promenade becomes a hand holding lovers' lane (shared with slowly strolling families and tourists). And the spectacular Pudong skyline across the river is lit.

I also enjoy early morning visits to the promenade. It becomes a popular destination for tai chi enthusiasts.

The 2 most famous buildings

One is the Peace Hotel. The other is the domed edifice that was once the headquarters of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC), one of the largest banks in the world today.

Other old buildings

Many Western businesses built stately Bund buildings with their money earned from respectable trades such as tea and spice. But, some generated it from the opium trade.

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