Dazu Rock Carvings

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Why the
Dazu Rock Carvings
are special

The Dazu figures project a greater sense of humanity than the statuary found in China's three other great Buddhist cave and cliff art sites (Longmen, Mogao and Yungang).

Dazu Rock Carvings
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How to pronounce

Dazu: dah-zoo


The Dazu area has more than 50,000 carvings.

Many sites

Unlike the sculptures in the other major Buddha cave and cliff art sites, those in the Dazu region are spread over a large geographical area. There are 75 distinct major sites.

Top 2 sites

Fortunately for the tourist in a hurry, the two best Dazu sites are situated near Dazu town, making it easy to see both in the same morning or afternoon. Those sites are:

Baodingshan (top choice)

Beishan (runner-up)


The stone carvings were begun in the 9th century (late Tang Dynasty) and continued into the 13th Century (Song Dynasty).

Also known as

The Dazu Rock Carvings are also called the Dazu Stone Sculptures.

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