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Kaifeng has been an important player in Chinese history for over 2,300 years. Some important ancient sites remain, including the famed Iron Pagoda.

Top Kaifeng

Iron Pagoda

The city's number one attraction is the Iron Pagoda. This 55 meter (180 foot) high octagonal pagoda has a wooden frame. It was surfaced in 1049 with clay tiles that had been colorfully coated with an iron glaze (those tiles and the pagoda have been around ever since). Though the iron glaze is paper thin, the pagoda became known as the Iron Pagoda.

Other major attractions

The city's leading historical attractions (besides the Iron Pagoda) are:

Dragon Pavilion (see photo)

Xiangguo Temple

Lord Bao Temple

The latter two date back to, respectively, the 6th and 12th centuries.

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How to pronounce

Kaifeng:  kye - f 'ung

World's largest city

During the 12th century, Kaifeng had an estimated population of one million. That number would have made it the largest city of its time in the world.

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