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Shouxi Lake
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Shouxi Lake is the highlight of Yangzhou, a city renowned around the world for its gardens. This long, narrow lake is beautifully landscaped with gardens, weeping willows and pavilions - and crossed by stunning bridges.

Shouxi Lake
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How to pronounce

Shouxi:¬† shoo-she

South vs. North China gardens

Shouxi Lake embraces the Yangzhou garden style. It's a successful blend of the northern and southern Chinese garden styles, which markedly differ:

In the north

Gardens tend to be grand, expansive affairs - almost as if to show off. The imperial gardens of the Beijing's Summer Palace exemplify this style.

In the south

Although the gardens in the south also try to impress, they do it more subtly. They are smaller and more intimate, with more elegant architectural details.

Five Pavilion Bridge

This is the lake's most striking feature (see photo). Five Pavilion Bridge was built in the 18th century to honor a visiting emperor.

Xiaojin Hill

Another major Shouxi Lake attraction is the islet of Xiaojin (little golden) Hill in the middle of the lake. It's crowned with pavilions and the gardens are treasures.

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