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For thousands of years the city of Suzhou has been celebrated throughout China for its exquisite classical gardens and picturesque urban canals.

Suzhou Gardens
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Suzhou:   sue-zh'o


Most were built by wealthy merchants and government officials as private in-town escapes from the bustling, high pressure city life. They were usually extensions of their residences, for easy access.

Garden design

A classical garden in southern China is typically a harmonious blend of distinctive plants, golden carp filled ponds, eye-catching rockeries, graceful pathways, arched bridges and poetic pavilions in a small, walled setting. The garden is designed so that your view changes every dozen or so steps down the walkway. And, each should take on different guises as the seasons change.

Suzhou's top 4 gardens

If you have time to visit only a few of Suzhou's scores of ancient gardens, let them be these four:

Garden of the Master of Nets

Humble Administrator's

Lingering Garden

Surging Wave Garden

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