Ras Mohammed
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Why the
Ras Mohammed
National Park
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The coral reefs of Ras Mohammed are among the world's finest and most popular diving areas. Some spots also appeal to snorkelers. The destination has about 200 coral and 1,000 fish species collectively displaying a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors.

Ras Mohammed National Park
tips and insights

Top 2 dive spots


Shark Reef

Aptly named.

Yolinda Reef

Has interesting shipwreck.

Runners-up include Anemone City Eel Garden Jackfish Alley Raz Ghozlani Raz Zaatar Shark Observatory Thistlegorm wreck.

Strict enforcement

Keep in mind that park officials take their wildlife-and-flora protection mandates seriously.

Where to stay

Ras Mohammed National Park is open only from sunrise to sunset, so visitors lodge in the nearby neighboring resort towns of Sharm el Sheikh and Naama - and take half- or full-day trips to the reserve. Divers have another option: Liveaboard boats.

When to come

October to May is preferable to June to September because the latter period can be uncomfortably hot. But keep in mind that mid-winter temperatures can be a bit too cold for some visitors. And March is the rainiest month (the rest of the year is relatively dry).

Location in Egypt

Raz Mohammed occupies the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula (see map below). The blue waters contrast beautifully against the desert-hued seacliffs.

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Photo by Prilfish - CC BY 2.0



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