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The Pyramids of Egypt has been #1 on my world wonder list since I began that list in 1968.


Why the
Pyramids of Egypt
are special

The Pyramids of Egypt are far bigger than most people would imagine. They are even more amazing when we consider that they were built nearly 4600 years ago.


Khufu's Pyramid
reigns supreme


Pharaoh Khufu

His structure is the oldest, biggest and most famous of the great Pyramids of Egypt

Over 4,500 years old

Pharaoh Khufu's pyramid was built during his reign, 2589 to 2566 BC.



The mummies in all three tombs were removed long ago by sophisticated tomb robbers. They also took priceless buried treasure.


Ancient 7 Wonders

Pharaoh Khufu's pyramid is the only true surviving member of the famous olden list.

Click Ancient Seven Wonders to read my 8-page section on that list. I am the only person who writes about the Ancient Seven Wonders who did firsthand research at all seven wonder locations.


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Photo by Anne Marie Angelo - CC BY 2.0


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