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My animated
picture illustrates
"then and now"

You can see the marked difference in appearance between the way the Pyramids of Egypt looked originally and look today.


Smooth facade

When built, they were covered with a smooth limestone surfacing that gave them a sleek finished look.

Stripped facade

Today they have a rugged exterior because subsequent ancient rulers filched the surface stones from the monuments for use on their own buildings.


Bigger than it seems

Khufu's edifice is the farthest of the three great Pyramids of Egypt in the animated picture. It seems shorter than the middle pyramid (Chephren's) for two reasons.




The middle pyramid sits higher on the plateau than Khufu's.


Vantage point

I shot the photo at a spot that is popular with professional photographers. It's ideal for capturing all three pyramids. But that location makes Khufu's structure appear smaller relative to the others because it is the farthest from the camera lens.

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