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The English Lake District in the mountainous region of northwest England is blessed with a peaceful natural setting comprising blue lakes, rolling green hills, and tall peaks.

English Lake District
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It became a popular vacation spot with big city dwellers in the early 1800s when the English Lake District was extolled by the Lake Poets. That name loosely refers to a group of literary artists like Wordsworth and Coleridge who wrote there.


Visitors come to hike, bicycle, go boating, or simply relax in a comfortable lakeside chair breathing the clean mountain air while admiring the scenery.

Windemere and Grasmere

There at 15 lakes in all. The two most popular lakes are Windemere and Grasmere.


The most interesting town to explore is Ambleside, an artistic community on the north shore of Lake Windemere.

When to come

Late spring and early Fall are the best times to visit. Summers can be tourist-packed and winters are cold and damp.

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