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Why the
National Gallery
of England is special

Some of the world's greatest 13th to 19th century European paintings reside in the National Gallery in London.

National Gallery
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Art treasure trove

The famous must-see paintings include these masterpieces:


Arnolfini Portrait

Jan Van Eyck
see picture near page top


Madonna of the Pinks

see picture above


Virgin on the Rocks

Leonardo da Vinci


Wilton Diptych

unknown 14th century artist


Venus and Mars



Self Portrait



Hay Wain

John Constable


Van Gogh


Relatively small

Unlike mega-museums such as the Louvre, the National Gallery is small enough to explore in a couple of hours or so.

Worthy nearby museum

Another major museum, the National Portrait Gallery, is in the neighborhood. It specializes in images of famous British citizens, past and present.

Location in England

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