Grand Canyon

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Visiting the
Grand Canyon

Mule ride

For an exciting trip, take the mule ride to the Grand Canyon floor. The trip is not recommended if you have a fear of heights because some sections of the trail are narrow and have steep drop offs without rails.

On foot

You can also hike to the bottom, but the roundtrip requires too much physical exertion and too many hours for other than a highly fit trekker. It's best to descend one day, camp overnight (permit required), then take the tiresome hike up the next day.

Via helicopter

You fly from the South Rim to the Grand Canyon floor. There will be time for a walk-around and (on some trips) lunch before helicoptering back to the rim.

Via boat

Another option is to travel through the Grand Canyon in an inflatable boat. Running the Colorado River rapids is a harrowing experience, which is part of the fun. Most trips last 5 to 8 days, some longer. One outfit offers a shorter itinerary - you helicopter in, do some rafting, then helicopter out.

It's scorching
down there

Many visitors assume that the canyon floor is cooler than on the rim. It's not. July temperatures reach 41°C (106°F) and higher.


You'll be in the wild. Though rare, it's possible to cross the paths of rattlesnakes and mountain lions.

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