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Why the
Aran Islands
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The Aran Islands in Ireland are known for their windswept barren landscapes etched with a patchwork of rock fences. They are also heralded for preserving their traditional Irish heritage.

Aran Islands
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About the three Aran islands



"Big island" in Gaelic. If you can visit only one island, come here. It has the most to offer tourists, including imposing sea cliffs (see photo).


"Middle island". This is the least interesting


"Castle island". O'Brien's Castle is its chief draw.

Top Inishmore attraction

Don Aengues is a 2,000-year-old fort designed with concentric semi-circular stone walls. This site audaciously sits on the edge of a 100 meter (330 feet) cliff.

Aran Islands sightseeing

You can take guide tours - or hike or bike for a do-it-yourselfer.

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