Blarney Stone
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Why the
Blarney Stone and
Castle are special

The Blarney Stone in Ireland has captured the imaginations of people around the world - and the castle complex is interesting to explore. The combination of the two aspects wins my bronze medal.

About the
Blarney Stone


You gain the Irish "gift for gab" (the ability to flatter and cajole with eloquence) by kissing the Blarney Stone.


The Blarney Stone is recessed in the battlements (see arrow in left photo). Smooching and disinfectants have stained a large portion of the Blarney Stone. The open space below it is seen in each photo.

Safety crossbars

Note the horizontal crossbars in the left photo. They stop your fall should the staffer accidentally let go of you. (Those bars did not exist for kissers in earlier days.)

Location in Ireland

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