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Why the
Dingle Peninsula
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Dingle Peninsula in Ireland has stunning landscapes and seascapes similar to celebrated ones in the nearby Ring of Kerry, but it is significantly less touristy, populated, and developed. It is also truer to its heritage. For example, the Irish language (Gaelic) is still spoken in most areas.

Dingle Peninsula
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Top man-made Dingle
Peninsula attractions include


Gallarus Oratory

This small, 1200-year-old stone church is shaped like an inverted ship.

Basklet center

It illustrates the historical, linguistic, and cultural heritage of the nearby Basklet Islands, which were abandoned in 1953 due to livelihood hardship.

Archaelogical ruins

Dingle Peninsula is dotted with them, including beehive-shaped stone huts.

High viewpoints

Climb Mount Bradon or drive through Connor's Pass for sweeping, distant vistas.

Interesting tidbit

There are 500,000 sheep and 10,000 human residents. That's a ratio of 50 to 1.

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