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Mount Fuji
is special

It is more than being the world's most beautiful volcano. Mount Fuji is adored and revered by the Japanese and has become the tourism symbol of Japan around the globe.

How to enjoy
Mount Fuji

Climbing Fuji

It's a popular pursuit. About a quarter million people climb it each year. Nearly one-third are foreigners.

I created three specialized pages for you in the event you are contemplating scaling the peak. Click Climbing season advice Most popular starting point More climbing tips

They give you useful pointers.

VIewing Fuji

Unfortunately. the volcano is masked by clouds on most days. But on clear days, the view is magnificent. See it from:

Hakone and Fuji Five Lakes

These famous resort regions sit at the volcano's base.


This city is 100 kilometers (60 miles) away, but you can see the mountain from some tall Tokyo structures.

Tokaido train

It passes near Mount Fuji. Book a right-side window seat when heading south from Tokyo - and a left-side one when going to Tokyo.

Also worth noting:


Your chances of seeing the volcano improve in the winter, decrease in the summer. Ditto for early morning versus midday hours (and later).

Photo taking

Mount Fuji is most photogenic during the cold months when it's snow-capped. The cone is bare in summer.

Location in Japan

Learn more about Mt Fuji

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