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Li River Cruise
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Tour boats

There are dozens of tour boats, each about the size of a medium-sized tug boat. They head down the river from Guilin to Yangshou city in a conga line, one closely following the other.


The tour boats have open decks for observing the scenery and indoor tables for sitting and eating lunch (the boats have small outdoor kitchens stretched across their sterns).

Low-water Plan B

When water levels are low, the cruise tours begin their journey halfway down the Li River cruise route, not in Guilin.

Return trip

After your tour ends in Yangshou, you return to Guilin by bus (an hour-long trip on a paved road).


Select a tour that gives you ample opportunity to explore on land the beautiful Yangshou countryside before heading back to Guilin. For a more comprehensive visit to the countryside, stay a night or two in Yangshou.

Reed Flute Cave

Before or after your Li River cruise, visit Reed Flute Cave. This major Guilin-area attraction is lit with colored lights and has a cavern room that can hold a thousand people. Reed Flute Cave is a Hillman Wonder bronze medal winner.

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