Mount Everest

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When to climb
Mount Everest

Window of

The annual window for ascending Mount Everest is short. Normally, conditions in this part of the Himalayan Mountains are the most favorable in April and May. Before then, the freezing winds are too strong. After May, the stormy monsoon season arrives.

Best route

Southern Ridge

It is the most popular (and easiest) route to the summit.

without scaling

Non-climbing hikers

Mount Everest is seen up close annually by tens of thousands of hardy adventurers who trek to breathtaking vantage points.


They can see Mount Everest, too (though from greater distances). China and Nepal have sites for them. Darjeeling in India also has a special viewing spot.


Alternatively, you can take a flight-seeing tour. Some fly within a couple of miles of Mount Everest.

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