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Top 5 things lovers
like best about the
Paul Gauguin cruise ship

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You sail in style


Relaxed refinement

The Paul Gauguin is luxurious with an understated elegance. The tone is upmarket, not uptight. The atmosphere is unpretentious, hassle-free. This is ideal for honeymooning and anniversary celebrating.

Classy cruisemates

They are congenial, well-traveled, and sophisticated, not boisterous.

Caring crew

The Paul Gauguin crew eagerly pampers passengers.

Choice of dining venues

Each night you have a choice of two quality restaurants plus an open-air grill - plus two atmospheric cocktail lounges.

Pleasing cabins

They are tastefully spiffy and well-appointed. All are outside cabins with ocean views.

Your fare is all-inclusive


Put your money away

On a honeymoon or anniversary, you do not want to sign and keep track of an endless parade of chit sheets. Your Paul Gauguin cruise fare covers almost everything aboard the ship including tips, dining, drinks, and entertainment.

Good value

Although the Paul Gauguin cruise fare is higher than mainstream-ship fares, it's a good value. The ship has a desirable ambiance for lovers - and you don't pay extra for food and beverages.

You'll have lasting memories


Memorable experiences

All the honeymooners and anniversary celebrants I interviewed said they would be fondly reminiscing their romantic cruise on the Paul Gauguin for years to come.

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for reasons #1 and #2

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