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Rates and availability

Santorini has hotels for all budgets. However, whatever the rate, late-made hotel reservations are hard to come by for July and August. This is more true here than anywhere else in Greece.

Main accommodation areas

You have two basic options:


East coast

This is the non-crater east side of Santorini. Many sea resorts are here.


Caldera-rim villages

Fera and Oia are the top two.


Which area is best?

Each has its advantages:


East Coast

This option is usually best for families. Ditto for beach worshipers, After lounging on the beach during the day, you can take an evening outing to Fira for its terraced restaurants and spirited nightlife.


Caldera-rim villages

They are best for nightlife enthusiasts and adventurous travelers. You don't have to forgo beaches. You can easily make daytrips to them.


For me, I like the second option because it provides a better strategic base for exploring all of Santorini.

Cliff-village hotel caveat

Before booking a Santorini cliff-village hotel, make sure your room isn't too far down the slope. Otherwise, you may have to walk up 50 to 100 steps each time you want to go the village's main drag.

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