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Two definitions

Name confusion

"Santorini" defines the group name of all the islands you see on the map above. It is also the name used to identify the largest of those islands.

Kameni Islands

They are islets

They sit near the middle of Caldera Bay (see map).


Nea (new) Kameni

It finally reached above water about 300 years ago. Nea Kameni last erupted in the 1950s and remains modestly active with rising sulfuric steam plumes. You can take a tour to that islet and walk on its lunar-like terrain.


Palia (old) Kameni

This islet is about two millennia old. You can visit Palia Kameni and take a mud bath heated by underground volcanic activity.


Archaeological site

This is a popular tourist attraction in southern Santorini. A visitor path takes you through the partially restored ruins of a town that was buried under ash by the famous volcanic eruption of 3600 years ago. Excavations began in the 1960s.

Santorini beaches

Main Ones

See map for the beach locations.


Red Beach

It's the most stunning. The site is back dropped with high reddish cliffs.


Perissa and Kamari

The beaches of these two sea resort areas are popular with tourists. Be aware that their black volcanic sands (though visually interesting) readily absorb solar rays. That's why they can get foot-burning hot under a blazing midday sun.

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