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Getting there

You can fly to Santorini from Athens. You can do the same from Mykonos and a few other Greek Islands.

Santorini is well-connected by scheduled ferries from the mainland of Greece and from major nearby Greek Islands. But keep double checking the latest departure and arrival times because some operators are notorious for not adhering to their printed schedules.

Getting around

Santorini has a decent public bus system for getting around the island. You also have the taxi and rental (car, bicycle, motorbike) options from Mykonos and a few other Greek Islands.

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Santorini was named by the Venetians in the 13th century to honor Saint Irene.



Fira has an archaeological museum with a worthy selection of local ancient artifacts, some dating back to the historic volcanic eruption.



Santorini exports wine to countries around the globe. Its best known wine is a dry white made with the indigenous Assyrtiko grape. Though unremarkable, it becomes special when sipped in Santorini.

Wine grapes are grown in volcanic soil. The vines have to rely mainly on morning dew for its watering needs (Santorini has limited rain, spring, and other fresh water sources).



Bring good-grip shoes (some streets and paths are steep and slippery). Wear a hat at midday (sun can be intense).

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