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It is the world headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church - and has earned two gold, one silver, and one bronze Hillman Wonders medals.

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Vatican attractions

St Peter's Basilica

Artistically and architecturally, the Basilica of St. Peter's is a masterpiece. And it's the central church to one billion Roman Catholics.

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Sistine Chapel

This relatively large chapel houses Michelangelo's world famous frescos: "Genesis" and "The Last Judgment". The Sistine Chapel is also renowned as being the venue where popes are chosen.

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Vatican Museums

The sprawling network of galleries collectively called the Vatican Museums is home to many artwork masterpieces and historical documents, including from ancient Egypt and the Renaissance.

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St Peters Square

This immense open space is the public entranceway to the Vatican City - and is sometimes packed with a half million people. St. Peter's Square is impressively flanked by Bernini's 17th century classical colonnades - and is centered by an Egyptian obelisk.

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