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Top 3
natural features of
Yellowstone National Park




Old Faithful

Yellowstone has hundreds of gushing geysers. The most famous one is Old Faithful (named for its regularity). It erupts approximately every hour (though not as reliably as it did when I first saw it decades ago).


Other geothermal features

They include bubbling mud pools, hot springs, colorful limestone terraces, and steam spouting fumaroles.


Canyons and waterfall


Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Though not as grand as the celebrated Grand Canyon of Arizona, the one in Yellowstone is spectacular in its own right. The main canyon is stunning. It is several hundred meters (about 1200 feet) deep and its mighty Lower Falls (see photo) plummets 94 meters (308 feet).


Best month for
viewing and sightseeing

The best is May, when the water flow is strongest and, therefore, most dramatic.


Best time of the day

Sunny early mornings and late afternoons optimize the setting by creating accentuating shadows.


best vantage

Artist Point (aptly named) is the choice viewing spot.




Protected habitat

Yellow National Park is a protected habitat for bears, bison (American buffalo), wolves, elk, to name but four of many types of wild beasts. You see them along the roadside from your car.

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