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Within the UN's striking architectural complex, diplomats from around the world make decisions that impact world peace, economics and health.

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Guide tours

Group tours are available in many languages. They normally last 45 to 60 minutes. Bear in mind that a room may be temporarily closed to tours due to a type of activity taking place in that space. The top two tour highlights are:


General Assembly Hall

This is the largest (1,800 seats), most famous and most visually striking room. Representatives from nearly 200 member nations meet here to debate and vote. Heads of state give major speeches here.


Security Council Chamber

This is the official meeting place of the five permanent members (China, France, Russia Federation, United Kingdom, and the United States) and the ten elected members. It is politically powerful.

Not in America

The United Nations is an international territory, not a part of New York or America. However, most travel guides (including mine) include it in their New York or US guides because from a traveler's perspective, it belongs there. Being under the UN's independent status, some staffers are not subject to certain New York and American laws.

Location in America

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