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The United Nations is the most polyglot spot on earth. Scores of different languages and dialects are spoken.

In the beginning

The land was donated to the United Nations by financier John D. Rockefeller Jr. The United Nations complex was designed by an international team of architects. Le Corbusier of France had the greatest influence.


The two most significant are the 39-story Secretariat (essentially an office building for the various national missions) and the 5-floor General Assembly. A process has begun to renovate the Secretariat. It has many shortcomings including narrow corridors, unhealthy asbestos, and poor temperature regulation.


To fund its substantial annual expenses, the UN assesses its members. Contributions are based on ability to pay, not population.

Best photo vantage

For the best perspective photos of the United Nations, you need to exit it. The First Avenue sidewalk provides a fine vantage (see photo). So do tour boats and sightseeing helicopters.

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