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What to expect
in the Top 5 ports


Great: St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn

Middling: Helsinki

Taxis & public transportation

Very good


Widely spoken except in St Petersburg

Local hospitality



Where you start and end
your Baltic cruise makes
a big difference

Some cruisers can save airfare by beginning and ending their Baltic cruise in non-Baltic ports likes Amsterdam and Dover. There are trade-offs. Such cruises add sea days. And, there's the risk of encountering a North Sea storm, even if your ship takes the Kiel Canal shortcut.

Cruising from Copenhagen or Stockholm  eliminates those drawbacks.

Official currencies

In the Best 5 Cruise Port countries:

Denmark: Danish Krone

Estonia: Estonian Kroon

Finland: Euro

Russia: Russian Euro

Sweden: Swedish Krona

The US Dollar and especially the Euro are widely accepted except in St Petersburg. Generally, your best bet is to use a credit or debit card.

More helpful cruise tips

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