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The Baltic cruise season

It runs primarily from mid-May through mid-September. That season can be divided into three periods:

Mid-May through mid-June
Mid-June through mid-August
Mid-August to mid-September


Each has its pros & cons, which I summarize for you below.

I give typical conditions. But remember, Baltic weather is famously unpredictable. For example, you could experience a warm day in early May or a rainy one in July. You can just hope for the best.

to mid-June


Fares are at their lowest level
Tourist crowds are moderate


Days can be nippy and windy
Rainiest Baltic cruise period
Seas can sometimes be choppy


The closer you are to the beginning of this period, the more likely these conditions will exist.

through mid-August


Many warm, sunny days
Calm seas with light winds
More daylight hours for excursions


Temperatures occasionally soar
Tourist crowds are heavy
Cruise & airline fares peak
Cruises & airlines can be fully booked


These conditions are less likely to occur in June than in July and August.

to mid-September

Similar to the mid-May-to-mid-June period, but it rains less. And, it has fewer daylight hours to enjoy.

Weather is important

Baltic cruises are loaded with day-long shore excursions. And warm, blue-sky days will enrich your land adventures and photos.

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