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Banaue Rice Terraces
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Rich variety

The Banaue Rice Terraces come in many guises. Click Banaue Rice Terraces photo gallery to see an interesting assortment of photos.

Getting to the
Banaue Rice Terraces

Distance from Manila

Banaue is 350 kilometers (220 miles) from the capital of the Philippines.

Getting there

Unfortunately, you cannot fly to Banaue from Manila. The terrain is too mountainous to construct a local airport. You need to travel by car or bus, which normally takes 8.5 to 10 hours. Heavy traffic and long rest stops will lengthen the time.

Manila-Banaue buses

Many visitors save two travel days by taking the overnight express bus in both directions - and sleep en route. However, those who take the day express bus get to see the interesting rural and mountain scenery along the way. A good compromise is taking one overnighter and one daytimer for your round trip.

Local roads


Although you don't need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to travel from Manila (the highways are paved all the way), you will need one when you arrive. Otherwise, you won't be able to travel the scenic rutted dirt roads to visit the Banaue Rice Terraces beyond the town. 

Solutions: Take a commercial jeepney - or hire a small one with driver. I don't recommend using motorized tricycles. Although they are much cheaper, the ride will be excruciatingly slow and jarring on the rough mountain roads.

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