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Numerous islands

The Philippines has over 7,107 islands (second only to Indonesia). The collective coastline - if stretched out - would almost encircle the globe.

Population and religion

The population of the Philippines is roughly 90 million. Five out of six Filipinos are Roman Catholics. About 5% are Muslims, who are concentrated mainly in the south in Mindanao.



Filipino (also called Pilipino)

It's the official and most widely spoken language.


It is widely spoken, too. The Philippines is the world's third-largest English-speaking country (after the USA and Great Britain).

Languages and dialects

There are many spoken in the Philippines. You likely won't be able to understand many people in some parts of the Philippines even if you are fluent in Filipino and English.




The Philippines was named for the 16th century Spanish King Felipe II.


The nation's official English name is "Republic of the Philippines". However, "Philippines" and "Philippine Islands" are also widely and acceptably used.


"Phillipines" is a somewhat common writing mistake by foreigners.

Many Filipinos
have Spanish names

They were urged upon most of the Christianized, urban-dwelling Filipinos by the Spanish colonists. However, some families have proudly kept their ancestral names. Dumaual, Macapagal and Magsaysay are examples.

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