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Why the
Chocolate Hills
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Over a thousand tall, natural conical domes dot the landscape in the center of the island of Bohol. Most of the Chocolate Hills soar 30 to 50 meters (100 to 160 feet). The tallest measures 130 meters (430 feet). During the dry season, the grass blanketing these formations turns brown, giving the hillocks the appearance of gargantuan Chocolate Kiss candies.

Chocolate Hills
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Two popular legends

One tells us that the Chocolate Hills are the stones and sand that two fighting giants hurled at each other. The other says they are the teardrops shed by a giant for his beloved mortal who passed away

How were they formed?

No one knows for certain. Geologists have different theories, but most agree that the formations are the wind-and-rain weathered remnants of an uplifted ancient limestone seafloor.


They are rare, but not unique. Similar mounds exist elsewhere, notably in Indonesia. However, the Chocolate Hills are by far the most symmetrical and spectacular in the world.

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