Chocolate Hills

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Chocolate Hills
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Best time to visit

The mounds become brown during the rain-scarce months, especially from January to April. Their brown hue stands out in marked contrast to the surrounding coconut trees, rice paddies and other green vegetation. However, even when the domes are grass-green, the sight is remarkable.

Best time of the day

Early morning and late afternoon are the finest for viewing and photographing the Chocolate Hills. The sun's low-lying rays emphasize the conical forms.

Best view

There are two major viewpoints for visitors.

One is near Carmen town

The other near Sagbayan town


Each has a viewing platform perched on top of a Chocolate Hill, which is reached by a long flight of stairs. I recommend the Carmen, but the not the Sagbayan complex. The latter is tacky with large dinosaur and Walt Disney figures, which are grossly out of place for a natural wonder such as the Chocolate Hills.

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