Banff National Park

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Why Banff
is special

Banff National Park in Canada has a stunningly beautiful landscape. It has snow-capped jagged mountains, impressive glaciers, evergreen forested mountain slopes, serene alpine meadows, surging streams, therapeutic hot springs, emerald-hued lakes, and scenic drives, all set in the Canadian Rockies.

Banff National Park also boasts interesting wildlife including grizzly and black bears plus wolves, cougars, coyotes, caribou elks, and bighorn sheep.

When to go

It's not mid-summer

Most people come from mid-June through August, which causes crowding, especially in Banff town (it's best to come on weekdays).

The finest overall time for your vacation trip is mid-May to Mid-June. Next is September.

Most picturesque locales

The top  two are...

Lake Louise (see photo) and Lake Moraine. These lovely blue-green lakes have mountain backdrops.

Popular activities


Tourist pursuits include hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, boating and windshield sightseeing.


Banff National Park has several top-flight ski resorts. Other winter sports include cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

Location in Canada

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