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Icefields Parkway drive

This several hour trip from Banff town to Jasper to the north has spectacular mountain scenery. There are pull-in overlooks along the way.


Banff National Park is open 12 months a year and receives about 5 million visitors per year.


The average summer high temperature is around 24°C (80°F). Mid-winter average highs are just below or above the freezing point. Those temperatures are for Banff town in the valley. Temperatures noticeably drop as the elevation rises.


The altitude of Banff town is 1383 meters (4537 feet). The tallest peak in the park is 3612 meters (11,850 feet).


Banff was named for Banffshire in Scotland.

Getting there

The nearest major city is Calgary (in Alberta Province). It is 90 minutes away by auto on the modern Trans-Canada Highway.

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