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Longmen Caves
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The grottoes are not natural. They were hollowed out by humans to create temples inside the mountain.

Most famous
Ancestor Worshiping Cave

It is the most celebrated of all Longmen Caves and is also known as the Fengxian Temple.

This Tang Dynasty masterpiece includes a statue of Buddha (see photo above) measuring almost 17 meters (55 feet) high. For size comparison, notice the height of the two adults standing on top of the steps in front of the sculptures.

The statues are now outdoors because the cave roof collapsed. For a visual treat, come just after dawn when the low lying sun's rays bathe the statues in warm hues and create silhouetting shadows.


The Longmen Cave statuary ranges in size from thumbnail to colossal.


Longmen means "dragon's gate" in Chinese.


The caves lie along a riverside cliff, covering a distance of nearly one kilometer (slightly over a half mile).

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