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The top 3 Arctic cruise destinations? The most popular dos and sees? Best two months to go? Why Iceland is special? Why the Svalbard Islands are special? The best fjord in Greenland? Why cruise ship size matters?

Arctic cruise

Australia / New Zealand

The best ports to visit in Australia and New Zealand? The basic two types of cruise itineraries? When to go?  Best shore Australian excursion destinations? Best attractions in New Zealand?

Australia / New Zealand cruise

British Isles

What defines a British Isle cruise? The best 3 destinations on the cruise? The runners-up? Which cruise month would be best for you? The typical cruise length? The latest trends in passenger demographics?

British Isles cruise

Panama Canal

When to go on a Panama Canal cruise? When not to go? The best kind of Panama Canal cruises  Best onboard viewing vantages? What to avoid when selecting a cruise?

Panama Canal cruise

South American

The top 2 South American cruise ports of call? The best 7 experiences beyond the major ports? Which are the most overrated destinations? When to go on the cruise?

South American cruise


How repositioning cruises work? How they differ from scheduled TransAtlantic cruises? How to minimize encountering rough seas? Which sailing direction is best - west or east?

TransAtlantic cruise


How to determine whether a world cruise is right for you? Which lines are in the luxury, upmarket, and mainstream categories? The time of the year when most ships begin their journeys?

World cruise

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