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Why the
Eiffel Tower
is special

It's the photo icon of Paris and France - and one of the most recognizable structures on earth.

Eiffel Tower
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How to avoid
the long waiting lines

Elevator wait lines (especially for the third level) can be excruciatingly long during the summer tourist season. Be the first in line when the gates open in the morning or arrive after 6 pm. It also helps to avoid weekends.

the Eiffel Tower

The best photo location for a full-view shot of structure is from the Place du Trocadero terrace across the Seine River.


It was built in 1889 for an international exhibition in Paris, France and named for its builder, Gustave Eiffel.

Once the
world's tallest

The Eiffel Tower instantly became the world's tallest man-made structure. It broke the record held for over 4400 years by the Khufu Pyramid in Egypt (only to lose it 41 years later to the Chrysler Building in Manhattan)

Not everyone
liked it

Some people back then thought it was hideous. One sarcastic critic famously said he liked being on the Eiffel Tower because "it's the only place in Paris where I cannot see it".


Times have changed. Almost all Parisian citizens today love it.

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