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Your travel experience in France will be richer if you learn and speak some basic phrases. Below is the Hillman Wonders learn-first list of French phrases:

Good day
Bonjour   bon ZHOOR

Good evening
Bonsoir   bon SWAHR

Good night
Bonne nuit   bon-NWEE

Au revoir   oh reh-VWAHR

Hi / bye
Salut   sah-LEW

See you later
A bientot   ah byen-TOH

Bienvenue   bee-ahn-vuh-NEW

How goes it?   (casual greeting)
Ca va   sah VAH

Okay  (casual answer to above)
Ca va   sah VAH

S'il vous plait   seel voo-PLAY

Thank you
Merci   mehr-SEE

You're welcome
De rien   deh ree-AHN

Pardon me
Pardonnez-moi   pahr-dohn-NAY mwah

Excuse me
Excusez-moi   eks-koo-ZAY mwah

Qui  wee

No   nohn

Very good
Tres bien   treh bee-AHN

Very bad
Tres mal   treh MAHL

How much?
Combien?   com-bee-AHN

My name is ...
Je m'apelle...   zhuh mah-PELL

Ou?   ooh

Where is / are?
Ou est / sont?   ooh EH / SOHN

I do not know
Je ne sais pas   ZHUH nuh say-PAH

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French phrase

Remember that "H" is not pronounced.
It's always silent.

The French roll their R's slightly.

Print my French phrase lists and
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