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Why the
Beaubourg Museum
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Its striking architecture (see photo) and its splendid modern art collection make it one of Paris's top attractions.

Beaubourg Museum
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Beaubourg is the popular name of the museum, which it gained because it resides in the Beaubourg district of Paris. Officially, it's the Centre Georges Pompidou.


The museum houses acclaimed works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Dali and other famous 20th century artists.

Once controversial

When it was opened in 1977, the unusual design was highly controversial. Its critics gave it many unflattering nicknames, including "garish oil distillery". Today, most Parisians relish its looks.

Striking architecture

The Beaubourg Museum has an inside-out architectural design. The steel superstructure and the utility pipes are exposed conspicuously on the outside, not hidden internally. This creates a conversation piece and allows broader, more flexible internal space for exhibiting modern art.

Location in France

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