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Bonifacio is a small port town with a unique seascape and landscape.

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Two separate areas

Bonifacio has two faces: The upper town and the harbor.

Upper town (in photo center)

It sits on a precipitous peninsula. It sports a citadel surrounding ramparts, and narrow medieval streets with bars, restaurants and shops geared for tourists. Bonifacio also has contemporary cliff-edged houses, for locals and renters.


The long, narrow, picturesque harbor lies below (in photo left). It is squeezed between the peninsula and mainland cliffs. The port is home to fishing boats and, in the summer, yachts galore.


Despite the sea-cliff coastline, there are some nice nearby beaches.


Bonifacio is in France, but be sure to pronounce the name of the town the Italian way:


This is a vestige of the days when area was ruled by the Tuscans and Genovese.

Location in France

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