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The Dordogne region is a medley of hilltop castles, stone villages, prehistoric caves, and tranquil rivers winding through the idyllic countryside.

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The Dordogne has several regions named for colors. The sightseeing star is the Dordogne Noir (black).

Dorgogne Noir

What not to miss in this region:


Prehistoric caves

Once home to the Cro-Magnon, our direct ancestor. Lascaux with its wall art is by far the most famous cave.


Beynec and Castelnaud are interesting to explore and offer outstanding views.


Domme and La Rogue Gageac are well-preserved fortified Dordogne villages.


Sarlat is a market town with medieval and renaissance architecture.


The Dordogne and Vezere Rivers are superb for viewing, kayaking and canoeing.

Back roads

Slowly drive or pedal through the peaceful farmland, orchids and oak forests.


Dordogne is also widely known as the Perigord, the name of the area's old province.

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