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Haut Koenigsbourg Castle
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The Haut Koenigsbourg in Alsace gives visitors a basic idea of what medieval castle life was like.

Haut Koenigsbourg Castle
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History in brief



It was built in the 12th century over previous ruins dating back to Roman times.

First fire

It was burned down in the 15th century, but was quickly rebuilt.

Second fire

In 1633 during the 30 Years' War, it was again torched. But this time, Haut Koenigsbourg lay in ruins for centuries before it was rebuilt. This was done starting in 1900 by the German Emperor Wilhelm II.


Purists argue that the ruins should have remained untouched because the restoration was insufficiently accurate. Others feel that the reconstruction was accurate enough - and that it was better than having a seldom-seen pile of rubble consumed by the forest.

In fairness
to Kaiser Wilhelm II

He did a quality restoration that introduces castle life to millions of travelers. A tour explores the armory, kitchen, battlements, draw bridges, furnished bedrooms, and more. And, his recreation gives visitors a towering, sweeping view of the vast Alsatian plain. It's breathtaking, if you come on a clear day.


Haut Koenigsbourg translates "High King's Castle" in German.

Location in France

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