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Why the
Latin Quarter
in Paris is special

This area on the left bank of Paris is famous for a Bohemian lifestyle practiced in past centuries by artists, writers and students.

Latin Quarter
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Touristy part

Two Latin Quarters exist today. One is hyper-touristy and thrives along the Boulevard Saint Michel (nicknamed "Boul Mich", rhymes with "dish"). See it to satisfy your curiosity, but then explore the other Latin Quarter.

The more
authentic part

It exists along narrow streets, especially those near the universities, including the internationally acclaimed Sorbonne (founded in the 13th century). You'll find quaint bookshops and bistros patronized mainly by locals, not tourists.

Renowned attractions

The Latin Quarter is home to:

The Pantheon

Resting place of Hugo, Napoleon, Voltaire, and other French luminaries.

Cluny Museum

Renowned for its medieval unicorn tapestries.

Famous cafe-restaurants

The two most famous cafe-restaurants are Les Deux Magots (see photo) and the Cafe de Flore. If you haven't eaten in at least one of them, you haven't been to Paris.


The Latin Quarter gained its name because from the 13th to 18th century the streets teemed with Latin-speaking theology students.

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