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The Maison Carree structure in the southern French city of Nimes is one of the best preserved Roman temples.

Maison Carree
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It was built at the end of the 1st Century BC during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus.


After the fall of Rome, most Roman temples were destroyed. Not so with the Maison Carree. Principal reason: Over the ensuing centuries it was often used for other functions (including church, government, stables, and storage). This fostered upkeep, restoration and preservation work.


The cella (main room) is used as a gallery for art and other cultural exhibition


Maison Carree is the French name meaning "square house". That seems odd because the building's footprint is rectangular, not square. Most experts believe that "square" refers to the structure's square corners, not its shape

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Also visit the Nimes Amphitheatre, which also is a Hillman Wonder medal winner. It's only a short walk away.

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