Notre Dame Cathedral

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Notre Dame Cathedral
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The Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris is the most famous cathedral in the world - and has an interesting history.

Notre Dame Cathedral
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It took roughly 180 years to finish the structure (1163 to 1345).


The tallest spire is as high as a modern 27-story building. The cathedral can accommodate 6,000 worshippers.

Rose window

The 21-meter (70-foot) diameter northern rose window is the interior's highlight.


For a stimulating view of Paris, visit one or both of the two bell towers. There is no elevator - you climb up over two hundred steps in a narrow, spiraling, stone stairwell.

Best photo vantage

My favorite place for taking a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral is from the Archeveche Bridge (where the above photo was shot)

Name is not
unique in France

Notre Dame means "our lady", referring to the Virgin Mary. There are also well-known cathedrals in Amiens, Reims, and other major French cities bearing the Notre Dame title.

When to come

Long entry waiting lines are common in the summer. Best to arrive early.

Location in France

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