Old Strasbourg

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Old Strasbourg
in Alsace
is special

It is a living museum of outstanding medieval architecture.

Old Strasbourg
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New vs Old Strasbourg

Strasbourg is mostly a big modern city, with around 700,000 inhabitants. However, Old Strasbourg has well-preserved medieval scenes frozen in time.

Two parts

Old Strasbourg has two key geographical elements:


Notre Dame Cathedral

Petite France district

Notre Dame Cathedral


Its spire soars 142 meters or 470 feet.

When it was completed in 1499, the Notre Dame Cathedral replaced Khufu's Pyramid in Egypt as being the world's tallest man-made structure

The cathedral is also known for its animated astronomical clock.

Notable nearby secular buildings include the 15th century Maison Kammerzell and the formidable Ancienne Duoane.

Petite France district


It is a short 10-minute walk from the Cathedral.

Highlights include the half-timbered, canalside houses - and the photogenic Ponts Couverts ("Covered Bridges").

Great food

Strasbourg is one of my favorite gastronomic cities in France.

Location in France

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