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The 13th century Notre Dame Cathedral of of Reims is not only a splendid illustration of High Gothic architecture, it has an extraordinary history.

Reims Cathedral
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Historic site

No fewer than 25 kings were crowned in the Reims Cathedral over a stretch of six centuries, beginning in 1223. Earlier, in 496, it was the site of the coronation of Clovis, France's first king.


The Reims Cathedral interior was devastated during the French Revolution. Then, during World War I, the building was severely damaged by shellfire - and wasn't ready to be reopened for two decades.

Marc Chagal

The famous painter Marc Chagal created some of the stained glass window replacements.

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Its three statue-adorned portals are its greatest architectural glory.


The Reims Cathedral is even more ornate that its older brother in Amiens.


The nearby Tau Palace serves as the museum for this house of worship. It is worth a visit.

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